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Ethics & compliance programs would certainly be stronger if organizations had 20/20 hindsight to view issues across their scope, but here is another thought: can you use what you know today to frame what your compliance organization will look like in the year 2020?

Both of these concepts – 20/20 hindsight and compliance in the year 2020 – build upon each other. Join Michael Rasmussen, principal analyst with GRC 20/20, who will explore the history of compliance within organizations and how that information can guide future industry growth and importance.

Where it has been,
Where it is now, and
What it will look like in the year 2020.
Particularly, he will explore the ways that compliance processes, information and technology will be commonly used in 2020 and how organizations will have greater contextual and situational 20/20 awareness of compliance across the organization. We will tackle how the present can begin taking advantage of what we believe will be best practices in 2020 and improve their compliance operations and intelligence today.

Presented by:
Michael Rasmussen
Principal Analyst, GR