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A report exposes attackers’ shadowy tactics.

Oftentimes, priority no. 1 for a hacker preparing to launch a cyberattack is finding a suitable launchpad. The goal: to obfuscate the origin of an attack.

To mask themselves, attackers generally compromise computer servers and networks operated by other organizations. These nodes then serve as unwitting springboards for further electronic assaults.

« The important thing is to recognize how an attacker works, » Oren Falkowitz, co-founder and CEO of Area 1 Security, a cybersecurity startup based in Redwood City, Calif., tells Fortune. « Consistently, what they’re doing is setting up shadow infrastructure—what we describe as relays or proxies. »

  1. Through small businesses
  2. Through public schools
  3. Through social clubs
  4. Through SCADA facilities


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via How Hackers Plan Attacks and Hide Their Tracks — Fortune