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On 13 September, in his annual State of the Union Address, President Jean-Claude Juncker stated: « In the past three years, we have made progress in keeping Europeans safe online. But Europe is still not well equipped when it comes to cyber-attacks. This is why, today, the Commission is proposing new tools, including a European Cybersecurity Agency, to help defend us against such attacks. »

Europeans place great trust in digital technologies. They open up new opportunities for citizens to connect, facilitate the dissemination of information and form the backbone of Europe’s economy. However, they have also brought about new risks as non-state and state actors increasingly try to steal data, commit fraud or even destabilise governments. Last year, there were more than 4,000 ransomware attacks per day and 80% of European companies experienced at least one cybersecurity incident. The economic impact of cyber-crime has risen five-fold over the past four years alone.

To equip Europe with the right tools to deal with cyber-attacks, the European Commission and the High Representative are proposing a wide-ranging set of measures to build strong cybersecurity in the EU. This includes a proposal for an EU Cybersecurity Agencyto assist Member States in dealing with cyber-attacks, as well as a new European certification scheme that will ensure that products and services in the digital world are safe to use.

European Commission – Press release  http://nzzl.us/djLTyFw via @nuzzel


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